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08 March 2015

Petals with purpose: A new way of seeing wedding bouquets

As much as we have always seen our wedding day being about us and the love that we share with someone, nowadays a beautiful new tradition has been started, and it revolves around the idea that our wedding day can do so much more than celebrate love, but actually spread it around to those in need. This is because lately, brides and grooms with amazingly big hearts have started the tradition of donating their flower bouquets, venue decorations and centerpieces, to organizations that help people who flowers could enlighten their day, put a smile on their faces and make them happy.

If you like this new way of reusing your wedding flowers and would like to spread  happiness to those in need of it, you can donate your flowers to organizations for the elderly, infirm or terminally ill, for example. In the United States, some institutions even have drop off locations where you can send them. Local hospice, old age homes, women’s shelters and hospitals are some of the options that you have to give this gift of love. Some states even let you claim back the market value of the flowers donated in your taxes. However, it is very important that if you are interested in doing this beautiful act, you have to check you local standards for health and safety requirements before donating the flowers. It is definitely a beautiful thing helping others and using such an important date as your wedding day, not only to celebrate the love you share with someone, but to give another persona a reason to smile.

Tell us what you think about this new way of spreading love around to those who need it the most. Would you be willing to give your wedding flower decorations to those in need?

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