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19 January 2018

Ask Bridal Savvy: Should we do a “First Look”?

Trend, convenience… I’ve been asked that a few times now, and I can tell you for sure that there is not a correct or incorrect answer; it is a matter of likings. The “First Look” is becoming more popular each day as more couples are opening up to the idea of creating that intimate moment prior to the ceremony. However, if you prefer to maintain the tradition of seeing each other for the first time while walking down the aisle, that is splendid too!

Nevertheless, if you are considering taking a look before, allow me to share some of the benefits of doing the “First Look”  for your San Juan Destination Wedding. First, you can take advantage of the sunlight by starting earlier and take some awesome pictures using the ocean as a backdrop. It allows you to share more with your friends and family during the Cocktail Hour, as all the couple photos have already been taken. It can help you control your nerves as you share an intimate moment together before meeting all your guests. Plus, you can appreciate the details in each other, especially since you have been preparing for a long time for this day. The bridal party can be included but, I personally prefer the couple only! Keep in mind that this is an additional “wow” memory that you build on the most important day of your lives.

And of course, you still have the entrance and the walk down the aisle, which is a complete different experience on another ambience, full of flowers, music and other factors that still generate a lot of excitement on its own, whether you had the “First Look” or not.

Enjoy the “First Look” step by step of one of our Real Couples: Annie & Daniel. It might help you visualize your own!

Waiting for you in Paradise,

Bridal Savvy


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