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27 February 2020

Iconic Wedding Kiss

You may now kiss! To think that you will soon hear those words on your own wedding! From the moment you start planning, you don’t miss a single detail. From the food, to the music and the whole party – you think about everything. Brides put on their wedding dresses and practice their every move […]
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03 March 2018

And the winner is … Love

Who’s up for some pre-Oscars binging session? If your said me, we have a treat for you!! As you may know the Academy Awards are just around the corner and aside from the amazing red carpet looks, great speeches and even better after parties we are inviting you for a night (or day depending when […]
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23 February 2018

Lights, Camera and Wedding Dresses!

Raise your hand if you already have your wedding dress; breathe if you haven’t. As a matter of fact, most brides will try at least 20 dresses until they find the right one. Surprised? Don’t be, experts say wedding dress shopping is a lot like going on dates, you either hit the jackpot or you […]
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