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03 March 2018

And the winner is … Love

Who’s up for some pre-Oscars binging session? If your said me, we have a treat for you!! As you may know the Academy Awards are just around the corner and aside from the amazing red carpet looks, great speeches and even better after parties we are inviting you for a night (or day depending when you are reading this…) at the movies. So, in honor of the wonderful gold man known affectionately to us as Oscar, we proudly bring our selection of the Top 5 films that won or were nominated for Best Picture and that you should watch if you want to know what love truly is all about. Grab your movie kit (popcorn, sodas, and/or tissues), dim the lights and let the movie begin…


5th – The Sound of Music

Winner of Best Picture 1966

Source: IMDb

Love is the main theme of this film which centers on family, romance, country, the importance of faith and values. Julie Andrews plays the main character Maria who thru her actions shows others that a loving heart can make you achieve all you set your mind to. Plus, the music is spectacular!

4th – Brokeback Mountain

Nominated for Best Picture 2006

Source: IMDb


Winner of multiple Academy Awards this 2005 film shows how time cannot erase the memories and love you feel for another although life’s timing and circumstances may not always play on your favor. It reflects that no matter what the world might think or say at the end of the day love is love.

3rd – Slumdog Millionaire

Winner of Best Picture 2009

Source: IMDb


As TIME says “a movie to celebrate” … it tells the story of Jamal & Latika who knew each other since kids and overcome a future in where luck is part of their lives. Winner of 7 Academy Awards including Best Picture for 2009.

2nd – Titanic

Winner of Best Picture 1998

Source: IMDb

Described by some as a powerful story of survival, love and heroism. A love story that will be in our heart, as the song said “will go on and on” and for many people around the world we “will never let go”. This movie represents how love can transcend time and play a vital role into our own life and choices.


1st – Beauty and the Beast

Nominated for Best Costume Design and Production Design 2018

Source: Amazon

Our number 1 choice, although only the animated version was nominated for Best Picture, we do believe the real life version is a winner in our hearts. This film portrays love beyond appearances, social backgrounds and personalities. It shows how love can help you change and find the real you.


Did we miss a film you liked in our list? Share with us your favorite Love Story film…

Waiting for you in Paradise,

Bridal Savvy

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