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27 February 2020

Iconic Wedding Kiss

You may now kiss!

To think that you will soon hear those words on your own wedding! From the moment you start planning, you don’t miss a single detail. From the food, to the music and the whole party – you think about everything. Brides put on their wedding dresses and practice their every move and pose in front of the mirror. One thing that is usually forgotten during planning, and can be a bit stressful when you think about it, is how to have that perfect wedding kiss.

A kiss is such an intimate moment, imagine how meaningful the first kiss as a married couple should be. Your wedding kiss will be forever treasured in memorable photos and videos, as well as in your guests’ minds.

Tips for the Perfect Wedding Kiss

For some, it is not easy to think about public displays of affection with an enthusiastic crowd watching on, while for others it might be no big issue. Thinking about this, we detail some tips to take in consideration to achieve the perfect wedding kiss.

  • Be gentle but passionate: Find that middle ground in a loving and touching way. You don’t want to seem sloppy or desperate, or worse, passionless on your first kiss as a married couple.
  • Posture is key: Stand close to each other. You don’t want this to be a déjà vu of your first kiss EVER with teeth or heads bumping.
  • Close your eyes: Live in the moment and close your eyes, even if you are an open-eyes kisser, for this one, you will prefer to keep them closed. You can thank us later.
  • Don’t forget your hands: Embrace the moment and hold hands, or take your partner’s face in your hands, however you prefer, but remember that this moment will go down in your history and you surely don’t want your arms lost and dangling by your side. Hey! You can even do a little dip if you feel like it.
  • Have fun! Go with the flow and enjoy every moment. Practice every day if you want, but at that moment, the kiss will happen how it is supposed to and it will be perfect. Always remember your own preferences on kissing in public, after all, this day is all about you!

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The Perfect Background – Your Wedding in Puerto Rico

Every iconic kiss needs an iconic background to go with it. La Concha Resort is where wedding dreams come true. No matter the wedding theme, weather, season of the year, or specific venue, a wedding at La Concha has the perfect background for your perfect kiss.

You can have the Atlantic Ocean as your main witness for this special moment with the many beachfront wedding venue options at La Concha. Also, imagine having your first wedding kiss inside a seashell at a one-of-a-kind oceanfront venue like Perla, a unique icon of tropical modernism.

Contact us today so our star team can help with every detail for your wedding bliss.

Waiting for you in Paradise,

Bridal Savvy


couple kissing in la concha wedding

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