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03 February 2023

Wedding Party Trends

Think of your wedding party as your entourage. Your family members, or best friends who are like family make this group of people who will be there for you, not only while walking down the aisle, but preparing for it as well. Here are some wedding trends we are going to be seeing more of […]
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18 January 2023

Wedding Trends: Flower and Decorations

We are always looking for ways to be innovators and surprise others, and weddings are not the exception. Weddings may sometimes stick to the traditional, but even the most traditional ones will always surprise us with new elements. Each year, more innovating trends are popping out as favorites for the wedding season; we may still […]
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10 October 2022

Ask Bridal Savvy: Should we do a “First Look”?

The “First Look” is here to stay! Is it a trend or a convenience? I’ve been asked that a few times now, and I can tell you for sure that there is not a correct or incorrect answer; it is a matter of likings. It is becoming more popular each day as more couples are […]
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