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03 November 2017

Puerto Rico: Your Love Story Destination Today

Take a look at where the wedding of your dreams will come true! Our sand is whiter than ever and the ocean blue couldn’t be brighter. This is where your wedding belongs. La Concha Weddings Team presents our surroundings today.  
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28 July 2017

La Concha Weddings Team: The Revamp

Every day is a chance to reinvent yourself and become brand new, and since the only constant in life is change, our team is going from good to better. In an act of improving, let us present you The Revamp of La Concha Weddings Team. Meet The Team   And our newest addition to the […]
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16 June 2017

Top 5 Signature Drinks for Your Wedding Cocktail

Anyone who has attended a wedding will agree that food is one of the most important elements of any reception. Now that you’ve picked exquisite menu items for your La Concha Wedding, what should you be focusing on next? Alcohol of course! Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad. We’ve gathered […]
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