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26 May 2017

Choosing a Theme for Your Puerto Rico Destination Wedding

You already decided to have a destination wedding. now it’s time to determine your wedding theme, since so many details about the day—from bouquet style, to dinner menu to wedding favors—will depend on the one you choose. The themes described here are some of the highest recommended themes for a beautiful Puerto Rico wedding at La […]
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10 March 2017

Best Spots in Puerto Rico to Take Wedding Photos

There’s a lot to consider when planning a Puerto Rico destination wedding, but there’s only one detail of the day that will last you a lifetime: the photographs. Picking the right wedding photo spots can make the difference between having shots that you’ll treasure forever, or ending up with uninspired pictures that you can’t wait […]
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11 February 2017

La Concha Weddings Team

An unknown author said once that the definition of teamwork simply stated is: less me, more we. At La Concha Weddings we live by this: be honest, be respectful, be kind and be grateful; we are family; we put our hearts in everything we do; our key to greatness is to put first things first; […]
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