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01 March 2022

How to Obtain a Marriage License for a Destination Wedding in Puerto Rico

Marriage License in Puerto Rico

During the last couple of months I have received some calls and emails asking for information about the documents and procedures needed to obtain a marriage license when having a Destination Wedding in Puerto Rico. Fortunately, the procedure has changed making it a lot more convenient for non-resident couples. It is really easy and simple to go through the process, obtain the official documents and get legally married here in Puerto Rico if you are having a destination wedding.

Below find a list of 5 essential documents you need to bring with you from your place of residence:

1. Notarized sworn declaration: From an attorney, judge or county clerk for both the bride and groom stating that you are not a resident of Puerto Rico. The document must establish the purpose of your visit to the Island, informing that you will be getting married and do not intent to stay longer than the period of time of your vacation.

2. Medical certification: From a doctor in your hometown, confirming that each individual complies with all the medical requirements needed to get married in your place of residence. This document must be issued within 10 days of your wedding date.

3. Photo ID: Government or State issued valid photo identification from your place of residence for each person. For example: Passport, State-issued ID, Visa or Green card.

4. Birth certificates: Copies of both your birth certificates issued within the last year preferably.

5. Divorce Decree or Death Certificate: If you have been previously married, must bring divorce decrees from each previous marriage and/or death certificate of spouse.

When arriving to the Island, the following steps must be completed:

• You’ll need to get a $20.00 Internal Revenue Stamp from the Government of Puerto Rico to bring along with your documents.

• Make an appointment at the Demographic Registry Office (nearest one to the hotel is located at Centro Gubernamental Minillas – North Tower, First Floor). If you have questions, you can contact 787-722-6410.

• The clerk will examine all the above documents and affix them to the back of the marriage license. Once all requirements are met and the process is finished, the license will be signed and issued, in addition to the marriage certificate to present at the ceremony. Anyone under 21 must be accompanied by a parent.

• The couple must review all documents, sign and complete all sections of the marriage certificate using permanent black or blue ink, or by typing, and present it at the actual ceremony.

• You or your marriage officiant will have 10 days after the ceremony to deliver the certificate, marriage license and all other required documents to the Demographic Registry in the town the ceremony took place.

Getting legally married outside of your hometown is not a hassle. Follow these steps, make sure you have at least two to three working days to go over any last minute details and get officially married in our Beautiful Island of Puerto Rico.

Remember, you can always ask your Wedding Planner, Officiant or ME for any questions you may have.

I really hope today’s Blog help all my brides out there!

‘Till next time,

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