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02 February 2015

Let’s talk about hairpieces in 2015!

Yes ladies, we know that your complete look for your wedding day has to be as perfect and immaculate as it can be. But aside from the dress, the shoes and the makeup, there is an element that is extremely important and crucial for the final look: the hair. And the thing is that today we have so many options, that sometimes we can’t even make up our minds about what we want. You see, it is not anymore about the regular veil and loose long hair. In 2015, the one thing everyone will want to wear is the beautiful, trendy and distinctive hairpiece diadem. With so many designs and so many styles, today I help you explaining the difference between the different types of hairpieces available to brides that are going to be the hair trend to follow on 2015.

First we have the bridal hair vines. This hairpiece is perfect for the vintage and bohemian kind of bride. Some critics say that they are the perfect complement for destination wedding brides, since they resemble vines and garlands, giving a beautiful exotic look and feel. They can be decorated with pearls, beads, crystals and fabric and will complement any type of face shape. Continuing the exotic and foreign fashion we have the headpieces with draping details. Made up of same materials of crystals, this kind of accessory gives the bride an Egyptian air that will surely captivate the attention of everyone.

Now for those brides that are into more of a traditional and delicate style, we have the choice of the fabric and the mesh headpieces. According to the Crystal Bridal Accessories website, these two are great options for DYI (Do It Yourself) kind of brides. These headpieces can be decorated with rustic looking accessories like chiffon flowers or lace leaves. And last but definitely not least, for those bold brides that prefer something different and unique, we have the feather headpieces. Feathers have been one of the preferred fashion items this year on the bridal runways. Either in the form of a headband or a clip, this type of headpiece is ideal for brides looking for topic weddings like a vintage wedding theme for example. So as you see, if you’re looking for something different than the traditional veil, you have various options in your hands. The final decision is just about looking for that one accessory that will complement to perfection the beautiful wedding dress you will model down your very own runway: the aisle.

Let me know what you think! Do you like this new hairpiece trend? Is it here to stay?

‘Till next time,

Bridal Savvy

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