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10 March 2017

Best Spots in Puerto Rico to Take Wedding Photos


There’s a lot to consider when planning a Puerto Rico destination wedding, but there’s only one detail of the day that will last you a lifetime: the photographs. Picking the right wedding photo spots can make the difference between having shots that you’ll treasure forever, or ending up with uninspired pictures that you can’t wait to stop circulating on social media.

The one tip that many brides and grooms forget is that you don’t need to rely solely on the photographer to come up with ideas for your big day; you can come prepared with your own inspiration. Here are some of the best spots around San Juan to capture the moment for your Puerto Rico destination wedding:

Castillo San Cristobal 



This historic fort along the coast of San Juan was built by the Spanish in 1783, and now makes the perfect setting for striking wedding photos. The remarkable Spanish architecture will give a unique flair and a hint of old-world elegance to your wedding photos. For the best shots, find a spot where the photographer can capture both the ocean and Old San Juan in the background. Now that’s history in the making!

Old San Juan



Photo by Hidden Kiss Studio

For fun, lively wedding shots that are as unique as they are stunning, head to Old San Juan, the historic colonial neighborhood of the city. It won’t be hard to find the ideal scenery for a wedding photo along the cobblestone streets lined with Spanish-style buildings bursting with colors like canary yellow, electric blue, kelly green and salmon. As a bonus, your white dress is guaranteed to pop against the bright colors in the background, making for head-turning photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

La Concha Resort’s Beach 

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.42.55 AM


Photo by Yamilette Arana Photography

You don’t need to venture far from your wedding venue to get gorgeous snapshots; just head down to the beach at La Concha Resort and let the magic fly. The soft white sand and glimmering turquoise waters will set the stage for photographs that give off the classic lovebird vibe. Better yet, try to take your beach photos one hour before sunset—known to photographers as golden hour for the optimal lighting—to capture dramatic shots with the sky lit up in pink, gold and sapphire behind you. Add in a few palm trees, and you’ll have images that beautifully capture the romance of your Puerto Rico destination wedding.

What other spot would add to our list?

Waiting for you in Paradise, 

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