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10 January 2016

Ask Bridal Savvy: What should I know about wedding venue contracts?

Like in every contract, there is always that fine print you need to take some extra time to evaluate, and wedding venue contracts are no exception. The first thing you should pay attention to is the time your supposed to start setting up and the time to need to have everything packed up. You should look for a venue that accommodates to your needs and wants, and not the other way around. You also have to pay attention to additional charges which could include services like valet parking and restroom attendants. Additionally, there are venues that have exclusive vendors, so you might want to ask about it and their prices. At La Concha Resort weddings, we don’t have exclusive vendors, so it’s something to check off the list!

You should also consider that the rent or minimum consumption is what was agreed on, that the payment dates and deadlines are clear, and that the names for Bride and Groom are well spelled. Last and definitely the most important thing, make sure the wedding date is correct; it doesn’t matter if everything else is, if the date is not right, the whole planning process will be disrupted! Hope this helps!

Yours truly,

Bridal Savvy

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