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11 May 2017

Ask Bridal Savvy: How to Write the Perfect Wedding Vows


Sure, you’ll spend a lot of time (& money) planning and preparing for your Puerto Rico destination wedding, because there are so many moving pieces that come together to create your perfect day. Location, decor, vendors, timelines, floor plans, and transportation are a few major items that first come to the newly-engaged mind. But above all else, what will be the most meaningful part of your wedding day? Your wedding vows.


Above all of the other elements you incorporate to your special day, it is the moment when you exchange these solemn promises with your soulmate that you will remember most. This is why we’ve come up with a list of tips to help you write the perfect vows for your La Concha wedding, and cherish these memories for the rest of your life.


Research Examples

The best way to prepare for writing your own vows, is to do a little bit of background research and reading traditional vows. You can gain a lot of insight on the tone, structure, and wording that you would like to incorporate into your personal vows, even if you just use this as a starting point!


Make them Consistent

Be sure to discuss the structure with your fiancé, and come to an agreement on a compatible tone for your vows. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed in front of all of your guests if your vows are poetic, romantic, and tear-jerking, and your fiancé follows up with something humorous, goofy, and ambiguous.


Add Personality

The love between you and your soul mate is unique to the two of you, and unlike anyone else’s in the world. Why should your vows be any different? Add personal touches to your vows to reflect the bond you share, and show each other (and your loved ones) why it’s so special; the real reason everyone is attending your Puerto Rico destination wedding.


Keep it “PG”

Although we recommend personalizing your vows, we feel that you should save anything that’s deeply personal for a time spent alone as the two of you, and not when your family, friends, and flower girls are listening. You have invited your closest loved ones to witness your La Concha wedding and share the moment with you, so make sure you’re not sharing information that will make them feel uncomfortable.


Keep it Short and Sweet

Your vows are essential, but shouldn’t resemble a Harry Potter novel. If vows take up more than two minutes of the ceremony, it tends to drag on, and guests (possibly even your fiancé!) will get distracted and stop paying attention. Practice saying your vows out loud, prior to your La Concha Wedding, and if it runs longer than 1-2 minutes, you may want to make a few edits to focus mainly on the important promises you want to make to one another.


Write it Down, Legibly

Lastly, what good will it do if you go to exchange your vows during your ceremony, and you aren’t able to read them? Make sure to create a final, CLEAN, copy that will be easily decipherable, even when you have “all the feels” at the altar on your wedding day.

Keep all these things in mind, however, the single most important thing when writing your vows is to be sincere and speak from your heart.

Waiting for you in Paradise,

Bridal Savvy

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