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07 November 2015

The 12 Month Wedding Dress Countdown!

There are lots of important countdowns in our lives:  the 10 second New Years Eve countdown, the 9 months pregnancy countdown, the 25 days ’till Christmas countdown, and the list goes on. Now, there is an extremely important countdown for a bride-to-be, which has a specific order to follow so that the end result is […]
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29 October 2015

Ask Bridal Savvy: How do I tell my guests that their children are not invited to my wedding?

Being kids an extremely delicate subject, especially to their parents, you have to find a subtle way to let the bomb down. According to, one way of doing it is by making sure to include a smaller envelope inside the official one, with a list of the guests’ names on it. You can also […]
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14 August 2015

Paradise on Earth: A Bright Kayak Ride

Only 6 in the whole wide word and three of them are in Puerto Rico; that’s how lucky we are! Bioluminescent bays are a rare natural phenomenon that can amaze anyone who is lucky enough to witness them. One of the most romantic tours to do in Puerto Rico and a key destination for honeymooners. […]
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