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29 October 2015

Ask Bridal Savvy: How do I tell my guests that their children are not invited to my wedding?

Being kids an extremely delicate subject, especially to their parents, you have to find a subtle way to let the bomb down. According to, one way of doing it is by making sure to include a smaller envelope inside the official one, with a list of the guests’ names on it. You can also talk personally with your family and friends or send a personalized note explaining that due to costs and space limitations, your hands are tied in that sense.

However, the wedding website also recommends that should you pick this second option, you should  let the parents know that their children are more than welcome to assist to the wedding ceremony.  The most important thing in the end is that, no matter how you chose to do it, make sure to show your empathy.

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Bridal Savvy

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