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18 July 2012

Ask Bridal Savvy: How do I get my guests to RSVP quicker?

Ladies, did you know that for every 100 wedding guests that you have on your list, you can expect 83 to attend your wedding and 17 to decline your invitation?  Those results are according to a study by The invitations section of the wedding process can become a headache if not handled with the […]
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09 July 2012

Ask Bridal Savvy: How can I ask for money instead of gifts at my wedding?

How can I ask my guests for money without sounding bad or ungrateful? A very common question to ask yourself while making the invitations for your wedding. Although it’s completely normal to want to receive money, sometimes we don’t know how to make that statement of our preference. You can start by talking to your family and closest […]
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01 July 2012

Ask Bridal Savvy: How do I deal with my “way too involved in my wedding” mother?

Yes girls, it has happened before and it will keep happening as long as there are mothers in the world. We’ve all had the overprotective mothers, that want to control every single aspect of our lives, even after we’re adults. What we wear, what we say, what we choose, who we date and even who […]
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