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01 July 2012

Ask Bridal Savvy: How do I deal with my “way too involved in my wedding” mother?

Yes girls, it has happened before and it will keep happening as long as there are mothers in the world. We’ve all had the overprotective mothers, that want to control every single aspect of our lives, even after we’re adults. What we wear, what we say, what we choose, who we date and even who […]
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30 June 2012

“A little something from your Bride…”

If you want to shine even more on your wedding day, what better idea that to shine in your future husband’s eyes… Every once in a while we get a Bride that will send a gift or a special detail for the groom to open on their wedding day, and personally I just love the […]
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26 June 2012

Ask Bridal Savvy: Is it ok if I don’t choose my father to walk me down the aisle?

The moment a father walks his daughter down the aisle is probably one of the most emotional, if not the most emotional, occasion during a wedding. It symbolizes how a father is accepting that his little girl has now become a woman and does not belong to him anymore; even though he knows he will always […]
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