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26 June 2012

Ask Bridal Savvy: Is it ok if I don’t choose my father to walk me down the aisle?

The moment a father walks his daughter down the aisle is probably one of the most emotional, if not the most emotional, occasion during a wedding. It symbolizes how a father is accepting that his little girl has now become a woman and does not belong to him anymore; even though he knows he will always see her as his little baby. This lady is about to start her own family and make her own life. But for some of the brides, it is not the father figure who they want to be with walking towards their husband to be. And that’s perfectly ok.

Nowadays, with weddings becoming each day more and more unique and out of the box, you have brides walking down the aisle with both parents, their mother, brother, siblings, kids, and even by themselves. There is no rule that specifies that the bride has to walk with a person specifically, so as long as you keep a clear dialogue with the people that will be affected somehow by your decision, you will be fine.

mother walking bride down the aisle

And remember, this is a big moment, so pick the person with time, so that you won’t get overwhelmed with your options for such an important and unforgettable occasion. Hope this helps you clear your mind!

Yours truly,

Bridal Savvy

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