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18 January 2023

Wedding Trends: Flower and Decorations

We are always looking for ways to be innovators and surprise others, and weddings are not the exception. Weddings may sometimes stick to the traditional, but even the most traditional ones will always surprise us with new elements. Each year, more innovating trends are popping out as favorites for the wedding season; we may still see more intimate, smaller weddings, but flowers and decorations are always the cherry on top.


Neutrals have been having a moment for a while now, and they are certainly beautiful, soft and elegant; but there is something about a pop of bold color in a wedding that can change the whole mood. Brighter colors mean joy, good vibes and new beginnings. Using bright colors in your flowers helps add a dynamic pop to a monochrome surrounding, or just hype up the room.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match – from your florals, to the wedding party outfits. Elevate your floral decorations with different textures for an edgier look. Entrance and ceremony areas are being decorated in unique ways, from flower arches to flower wall backdrops, these help add those different textures and experiences through the event. Use variety in your settings, use big and small vases, candles, and jars of all heights – this helps draw the eyes up and create a different grandeur.


From eco-friendly invitations, to cutlery, people today are more aware of how to be environmentally friendlier when it comes to their own events, like weddings. Outdoor weddings are here to stay, and this adds up to the nature feeling when it comes to decorating and saving up on energy than on a traditional venue.

Go for organic arrangements, wild and free plants and flower you can let grow where they are supposed to. Let them have their natural movement and angles. Floral runners on the table is one of the favorite trends we will be seeing, so natural and simple. With a wedding at La Concha, you will have the ocean as your backdrop, nothing mor organic than that!


Themes are still in! Don’t be afraid to personalize your wedding up to your and your partner’s own preferences – from hobbies, to internal jokes. Couples are even more relaxed when adding some personalization to their big day, reflecting who they really are through the whole event. From details in the decoration, cake and even props and gifts, you can never have enough details to make you, and your loved ones, smile of joy whenever you look back.


Looking forward to another year full of unique trends with weddings at La Concha Resort, and can’t wait for the new ones to arise.

Love from Paradise,

Bridal Savvy

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