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17 March 2017

Ask Bridal Savvy: What To (and What Not To!) Wear to a Destination Wedding


You’re bringing in the mail, and out drops an envelope, meticulously calligraphed and addressed in your name. You carefully open it up, only to find that you have just been invited to your friend’s Puerto Rico destination wedding! You begin to envision the upcoming weekend of continuously flowing fruity cocktails and fun in the sun — just when your daydream is quickly interrupted with the panic that is: “What the %+#$ do I wear to a San Juan wedding?!” Don’t worry, La Concha Weddings has you covered. We’ve created a list of do’s and don’ts to help you find the perfect wedding-guest ensemble.

Don’t wear white!

Though you can get away with a few white accents, solid white dresses are an absolute no-no. This is the bride’s special day, and she should be the only one in this color. That being said, black is another color to veer away from. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should take your favorite LBD out of the running, but keep in mind that black/dark colors attract the sun, and could leave you sweltering during the bride and groom’s outdoor beach ceremony.

Do incorporate a pop of color.

Channel the warm-weather tones around you, and incorporate them into your outfit. Solid colors like aqua, coral, peach, lavender, and yellow are appropriate tones and will accentuate your San Juan tan! If solid colors aren’t your thing, floral prints and fun patterns that aren’t too loud are great options as well.

Don’t wear anything too-short or too low-cut.

There is nothing worse than having to hike up or tug down your dress while you’re trying to break it down on the dance floor… except maybe accidentally flashing the groom’s grandmother – which can also happen if you don’t follow this tip. Do yourself (and Granny) a favor, and keep your assets covered for this event.

Do wear light fabrics that flatter your features, but won’t cling.

Chiffon, linen, and cotton-blends are your best bets to avoid sweat stains and uncomfortable bunching, while still looking fabulous and San Juan wedding-ready.

Don’t wear flip-flops.

No matter how casual the dress-code is, flip flops aren’t appropriate. Opt for a dressier pair of sandals or flats. This way, your footwear is stylish, and you can still dance the night away without having to bear the pain of stilettos.

Do take the dress code into consideration.

If the bride and groom have stated the dress code on the invitation to their Puerto Rico destination wedding, odds are they want you to follow it. Just remember, being overdressed to a wedding is just as embarrassing as being underdressed.

No matter what you choose to wear I’ll be…

Waiting for you in Paradise,

Bridal Savvy

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