An icon of tropical Modernism, the historic venue that gives us our name, La Concha. A unique space with a shell floating amidst ocean waves overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from every angle.

Venue Highlights & Features

  • Perla stands out as an emblematic example of Puerto Rico's national architecture and it was considered an engineering and architectural wonder.
  • The signature seashell-shaped venue was designed by internationally-renowned architect Mario Salvatori.
  • The iconic undulated curves in the ceiling were designed as a metaphor of the sea. Constructed in cement, made up of double-curved parabolic planes, with the spaces in between covered with glass panes to reflect the concaves of the shell. The reflection of the sea in the glass heightened the illusion of being inside a gigantic shell in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The grand entrance is framed by a color stained glass wall and an inner courtyard.
  • Luxury finishing's including eight custom Murano lamps that create a shimmer effect due to the surrounding reflecting pool.
  • The oval shape and crystal walls allow to enjoy sunsets and night scenes surrounded by water that seemed to merge into the infinity of the ocean beyond, making Perla the perfect wedding venue with a magical atmosphere and one-of-a-kind in the Caribbean.

Square Feet


Width x Length

44' x 80'




60 (8 per)

70 (10 per)







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A sophisticated and stunning home for you and your guests.

La Concha Resort is the quintessential San Juan lifestyle beach resort and a nightlife destination, epitomizing the "Latino Chic" playground. This architectural landmark is situated at a prime Caribbean beachfront in Condado and has been completely re-imagined for the 21st Century.