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15 July 2015

The Unveiling of the Bride Dilemma: Who gets to do it?!

The “I do” answer from him, the cutting of the cake, the first dance together as husband and wife: all special and crucial moments in a wedding, which become instants that you
can’t get out of your head the moment you find out you’re getting married. But sometimes brides-to-be forget some crucial moments in a wedding and one of them is the unveiling of the bride. If we go back in history to Roman and Greek times, women used to wear the veil to keep spirits away. And as time went on in Europe, women started wearing the veil at the wedding as a ritual, so that the groom wouldn’t change his mind at the last moment, concealing her face from him.

Nowadays, it is more of a tradition to present the bride-to-be to her husband-to-be, as the father gives up his baby girl, understanding that it is time for her to start her own family. There are various ways of doing it: 1. the father unveils the bride (the traditional way), 2. the husband-to-be unveils her after the father presents her,  or 3. at the moment of announcing them as husband a wife. I’ve heard stories of brides that walking down to aisle remember the importance of the veil and how they didn’t practice it with their father or fiancée, and get a little sudden panic attack! So to prevent a spontaneous episode like that from happening on your special day, make sure to coordinate what you’re doing in advance, because in the end every moment counts.

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