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08 May 2015

My Top 6 Worldwide Wedding Rituals

We’ve all heard it before: “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. But around the world, there is an amazing amount of rituals, that you could include in your wedding, if you’re looking to have an out of the box ceremony. Here I present to you my top 6 worldwide wedding rituals, because 5 were simply not enough!


traditional Chinese dress

In China, one wedding dress is simply not enough. The first dress is a traditional Chinese red dress for good luck, the second one is a white dress and the third dress is a cocktail one of the color that the bride chooses.


indian henna tattoo

Days before the wedding in India, the bride to be takes a moment with her friends and waits for hours until a henna tattoo artist finishes their masterpiece. This hand and feet decorations called “menhdi”, helps the bride relax and mingle with her friends before the big day.

Gypsies and African-Americans

Couple Jumping the broom

Jumping the broom is a tradition that even though today is practiced by the Gipsy culture, it was practiced by the Celts, and African American slaves to declare their union.


jewish traditions

The crashing of the glass by the groom is performed in every Jewish wedding as the crowd screams “Mazel Tov”, which means good luck. This ritual symbolizes that joy should always be tempered.

Great Britain

english wedding traditions

Just like we saw in Kate and William’s wedding, it is a tradition or ritual in Great Britain that the bridesmaids have to be little girls, instead of being the bride’s best friend, for example.


butter cream wedding cake

And last but not least, the Peruvian tradition and my favorite one. In this ritual, the wedding cake has strings with secret charms inside the cake. Instead of throwing the bouquet, the female guests, right before cutting the cake, pick a string and pull it. The one that gets the string with the fake wedding ring charm is the one that is supposed to get married next!

As you see, all around the world, each country has their own rituals and traditions to follow. Just remember that just because you were not born under that culture, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add any of them to your own wedding day traditions!

Until the next one,

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