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10 April 2015

Top 5 Most Unusual Weddings Ever!

As we all know, sometimes our nerves can betray us and  make us do things we sometimes regret later on. However, no matter if it was the nerves of getting married (cold feet as we know it), the need for adrenaline, or simply the need to stand out and step out of the box, these five couples took their wedding ceremonies and receptions to a whole new level. These are my top five most unusual weddings in history… You won’t believe your eyes!

5. A wedding under the sea

married in a shark tank

As if getting married was not nerve wracking enough, this couple from New York decided to say their I do’s inside an under water 12,000 gallon tank, surrounded by sand sharks, nurse sharks, eels and a grouper. She wore a white wetsuit while he wore a black one. Both the guests and the officiant stayed on land, and listened through a radio transmitter.

4. Getting married at a low price

getting married at tj maxx

This self proclaimed “maxxinista” bride made her fairy tale come true, when she married the man of her dreams in the store of her dreams! Surrounded by regular shoppers, the couple said their I do’s on aisle 8; the shoe aisle.

3. Jumping into the married life 

bungee jumping wedding

Brussels, Belgium was the place chosen for this couple to get married 160 feet up in the air. This adventure couple had their ceremony in two suspended platforms; one for the couple, the officiant and the guests, and another one for the musicians. The best part is that after saying I do, the couple bungee jumped into a new married life, literally. Talk about adrenaline rush!

2. Naked love 

naked wedding

In front of 250 guests, this couple got married completely naked on their wedding day. The Australian bride was not wearing anything else but a strategically placed bouquet of roses, and a long wedding veil. On the other side, the groom only wore his wedding ring!

1. ‘Till death do us apart

marrying a dead man

Some might consider this extremely romantic or extremely creepy… I still can’t make up my mind about it! After having her fiancé die unexpectedly, this bride to be decided that death was not going to become an obstacle between her and her man, and prepared a wedding with an open coffin at the morgue. Talk about everlasting love.

Weddings to be remembered not only by the protagonist couple, but also for the whole world!

Until the next one,

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