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03 April 2015

Pink is the new white my girlfriends!

Like every little girl’s favorite, pink has always been the color to express femininity. However, this color has been banned for ages from different subjects, being considered tacky and cheesy. One of the most famous pink “no no’s” used to be the idea of  a pink wedding. But recently, since Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s wedding, pink is the new white! Here I share with you some pink ideas, in case you want to go in that direction for the color theme of your special day!

pink wedding car

This ride will definitely give you an arrival everybody will be talking about. There is no way your entrance will go unnoticed by anyone!

prink bride dress

A lovely pink dress or white dress with pink details is the perfect touch for a bride looking for a feminine and delicate look for her wedding dress.

cupcake platter in pink

You have a wide variety in the pink palette to chose from. Depending on the shade of pink you decide, these are some ideas for your centerpieces that will definitely provide an intimate ambiance.

Yummy candy buffets are also one of the most used elements in today’s “happening” weddings, so don’t miss the chance to delight your guests with this perfect, colorful, and distinctive treat!

pink wedding cookies

Lovely pink party favors are the perfect way to end a wedding and let your guests take home with them a little yummy piece of the happiness of your special day!

As you see ladies, pink is in and it won’t we going out of style for a while… At least until the A list celebrities say so!

Until the next one,

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