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14 August 2015

My Top 5: Wedding Shoe Designers

5. David Tutera

david tutera shoes

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Known for his hit reality  TV show “My Fair Wedding”, this celebrity wedding planner and bridal fashion designer has the industry asking themselves what can’t he do! With his delicate yet shiny designs, he can make any bride feel like a princess from head to toe, literally! A design so clean with simple touches of jewelry, that will have everybody at your wedding looking to down… To your shoes!

4. Betsey Johnson

betsey johnson shoes

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This lady knows how to make a statement with her designs wherever she goes. Even though she is know for her whimsical style and cartwheels on the cat walk, Betsey also has a surprisingly delicate bridal shoe line. In opposition to her typical over the top and embellished style, her shoe line tones it down a little bit. However, it appeals more to a younger and more colorful crowd.

3. Badgley Mischa

badgley and mischka shoes

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Named by Vogue as one of the “top 10 American Designers” and “darlings of Hollywood”, this duo of designers is ready to take you breath away with every glamorous and stylish design. Together since 1988, Mark and James appeal to the young modern and couture customer and their clients go from Presidential daughters to award winning actresses, with only the finest fabrics and delicate craftsmanship.

2. Oscar dela Renta

oscar dela renta shoes

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Known to dress from stars to royalty, there is nothing this designer line can’t do. With a style distinctly modern yet feminine, your shoes might be everything your guests will be talking about in your wedding. If you’re looking for haute couture shoes, this is shoe line for you.

1. Menbur 

menbur shoes

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Made with only the strictest quality standards and established in Granada, Spain this bridal shoe line, my favorite of them all,  is characterized by a feminine and sophisticated classy style with a carefully selected choice of satin, silk, strass and gems, designing shoes that make every bride leave a statement behind her, with every stump of her heels.

Now pick your favorite and make your toes shine!

Yours truly,

Bridal Savvy

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