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23 June 2015

My Top 5: Strapless Wedding Dresses

The wedding dress has always been one of the most important details in a wedding, if not the most important, especially when the bride since a child has always dreamed of that moment of finding that perfect dress that makes you feel like a princess; the one and only famous moment when you “say yes to the dress”. But like everything in the wedding world, there are so many dress options, that it can be a little overwhelming for the bride sometimes to find that one dress to walk in down the aisle. Here I share with you my top 5 favorite strapless dresses.

brown haired bride elegant strapless dress

Even though some brides like to go all out on the dress, there are others that prefer a more simple look. For those brides that opt for the “less is more” philosophy, this is the perfect style.

flowing strapless dress

The famous mermaid look, so beautiful and so slick. This elegant style can make any woman feel like a princess; all she needs is a prince by her side!

flowing ruffled strapless dress

Now for the more playful brides to be, ruffles is the way to go! Going out of the box and being a little more “riské” is the only way to do it for some of us.

ruffled strapless dress

And for others, the more ruffles, the merrier! This vintage design will leave everybody in awe. There is just no way you won’t be calling everybody’s attention with this one!

elegant patterned strapless dress

And last but definitely not least, the traditional strapless look. So breathtaking! Makes you feel like you’re the protagonist of a princess movie.

So as you see ladies, these are only a few of the many styles of strapless dresses. Pick your own and make their jaws drop when you walk that aisle!

Until the next one,

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