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24 February 2013

Ideas to decorate your Wedding Cake Table

The Perfect Wedding Cake… checked! You bought magazines, search the internet, spent a fair amount of hours in Pinterest pinning every possible choice, like the ones in our board “Eat, Drink & have Cake!” and you tasted every flavor until you reached a decision. Now, after all the searching is done and you finally found it… how are you going to display the beautiful cake?

You need to keep in mind that the cake has become a focal point in any wedding reception. To the point that I’ve experienced in more than a couple of weddings now in our property, La Concha Resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico that we would have two cakes. Yes, two cakes! A dummy one just for décor purposes and a pre-cut one that stays in the back to be distributed accordingly. So, it is clear that you would probably not want to have it just in a corner of the room on a round table with white linen only. Right? Most likely you share my opinion and would like to show off the cake and have everyone enjoy how stunning it looks!

The question now is, how can you put it all together? Keep reading below and you will find some ideas and photos that will inspire you and help you choose.


Adding a backdrop is the easiest way to make a statement and it is necessary especially if the area where you want to showcase your cake in not that pretty.  It will give the cake a lovely look.

white cake

white platform cake

This could be your Wedding Cake backdrop… for more information visit us at La Concha Weddings!

cake and candelabras

 Candy Bar

This option has become really popular in weddings. It allows your guest to enjoy multiple sweets and desserts appealing to every taste plus, if you incorporate candy it serves as a dual purpose as they will be able to enjoy a sweet memento back home too.

flowy backdrop

candy bar themed cake

cake and cup cake

Multiple Cakes

Love the idea of having multiple smaller cakes! Not only because they look so pretty, but also because it is like having more than one wedding cake. You can have different flavors, diverse décor details and even various colors as long as they complement the overall color scheme.

grey trio cake

flowered triple cake

white cakes

Gazebos, Chandeliers, Candles & More

Although these are not customary decorations it does provide a more unique look making it very distinctive and beautiful!

three tiered white cake

tiered white floral cake

white cake flowered altar


Use your wedding decoration and add some flowers to the cake table.  It add a natural and gorgeous look to the wedding cake table.

white flowered cake white paisly cake white cake purple flowers

Have you decided how to display your Perfect Wedding Cake? I will love to see how yours will look so, send me the pictures and let’s give your cake the attention it deserves!

Till next time,

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