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10 March 2015

My Top 5: Over The Top Celebrity Weddings!

Just like the color spectrum, there is a whole amazing variety of women wants and needs when it comes to their wedding day, and how they envisioned that unforgettable moment in their lives. Some of us want a small, delicate and personal reception with only the closest family members and friends. But on the other […]
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08 March 2015

Petals with purpose: A new way of seeing wedding bouquets

As much as we have always seen our wedding day being about us and the love that we share with someone, nowadays a beautiful new tradition has been started, and it revolves around the idea that our wedding day can do so much more than celebrate love, but actually spread it around to those in […]
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02 February 2015

Let’s talk about hairpieces in 2015!

Yes ladies, we know that your complete look for your wedding day has to be as perfect and immaculate as it can be. But aside from the dress, the shoes and the makeup, there is an element that is extremely important and crucial for the final look: the hair. And the thing is that today […]
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