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06 July 2014

How to make a wedding unique

Got engaged! You are going to get started with all the wedding planning but, all of a sudden you realize you don’t want to do the same protocol or details that every wedding has… How can you make it unique? What details would make your wedding stand out from the rest? There are many great […]
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15 June 2014

Maleficent… more than a villain?

Have you seen the movie ‘Maleficent’ yet? I went to see it for several reasons besides the fact that the lead actress is one of my favorites, Angelina Jolie. The special effects look amazing but still, my main motivation was my curiosity as to how Disney will take one of my childhood favorite stories and […]
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08 June 2014

Things to do the morning of your wedding

The way you start any day sets the tone on what’s going to be the rest of that day, or at least that’s what most people believe.  But this is not just any day… This is the day everyone’s been talking about and you have been dreaming about for so long! So don’t take any […]
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