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11 February 2017

La Concha Weddings Team

An unknown author said once that the definition of teamwork simply stated is: less me, more we. At La Concha Weddings we live by this: be honest, be respectful, be kind and be grateful; we are family; we put our hearts in everything we do; our key to greatness is to put first things first; our commitment is to listen and deliver; we want to help not only sell; more than an event we want you to have an experience; making you shine is our daily mission and we are committed to you because we care. This is our team’s manifesto and most importantly, the reason why we believe we can be the perfect fit for you and your wedding vision.


Meet Jessica, Yalila, Amnel and Nicole. A Weddings Team that will go above and beyond to give your love story another beautiful chapter.  It is our goal to make your unique wedding day all about you. We know you already have an amazing story. Share it with us and we promise to make it even more exciting to tell.

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