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25 May 2012

5 Steps to Find the Wedding Ring of your Dreams

Find the Wedding Ring of your Dreams

The wedding ring: one of the most important and meaningful accessories you will ever get to wear in your life. And although the excitement is so much, you can’t go ring shopping hot headed and driven by impulse. To make an informed and right decision, you should keep these 5 vital rules before taking the big step.


1. Define what you want beforehand

Even though it is an amazing and beautiful moment to share with your partner, the truth is that if you go ring shopping without an idea of what you envision, it can get pretty stressful and overwhelming very fast. I recommend that you look in advance for the styles and designs that you fancy, type and color of metal, delicate or extravagant. Keep in mind that you should browse for up to two months and remember that the engraving could take up to a month, so it is very important that you start the process with time.

2. Why be normal, when you can be yourself! 

Dare to be different in the styles that you both choose and remember that although you’re
going ring shopping together, if you can’t find a common ground agreeing on a style, it is not a sin and perfectly ok to pick different designs for each one. These rings should be a reflection of your personalities and love, so if this is your case, you can always engrave a matching symbol or message in the inside of the ring.

flower pedals and wedding rings

3. Be budget savvy

Money makes the ring go round! And although sometimes we fall in love with the most expensive designs, we can’t always get them, but we can find styles that look alike and fit our budget. When choosing a design, keep in mind your lifestyle and a ring that will fit in it. A ring that you won’t have to take off everyday because your job doesn’t allow you to wear it; this way you minimize the chances of losing it. Pick an ageless design that you can wear 20 years from now and that you can wear to events or professional daily meetings.

4. Talk about ring fitting 

bride placing ring on grooms finger

There are important facts to consider before going to that final ring fitting, once you have
the chosen one, so that you don’t have to make any changes later on. For example, you should go to the final fitting without any stress, when your body temperature is normal and you should never go in the morning, because you retain salt from the night before. You shouldn’t go either after exercising because your fingers swell. These are important things to consider before making the final touches.

5. Protect your precious! 

Once you have the ring of your dreams, it’s time to take care of it! After you chose a quality ring, remember to clean it often and keep it away from damaging cleaning solution like chlorine and bleach. This accessory is a symbol of your love, so just like you devote yourself to your partner, devote yourself as well to taking care of your new symbolic piece that you’ll carry on for years to come.

Yours truly,

Bridal Savvy

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